3 Essentials of Property Maintenance Services in Atlanta

3 Essentials of Property Maintenance Services in Atlanta

An analysis of the rental market in Atlanta, Georgia, shows the rentals are 'red hot.' As an investor, you must take the necessary steps to hire a property maintenance expert to look after your investment. A well-maintained property means you'll get the most from your rental.

In Atlanta, GA, property maintenance services, including handyman services, pest control, and property upkeep, are available. Hiring a property maintenance company allows you to focus on running your real estate business. 

Here's more about the three essentials of property maintenance in Atlanta. 

1. Handyman Services

Midnight phone calls with a broken pipe, busted water heater, or inoperable stove mean outsourcing such issues to someone else. Property maintenance bills add up quickly. Having a property maintenance company on hand takes care of these types of issues immediately.

Sometimes, Atlanta property maintenance issues, such as fixing a hallway lightbulb, can be simple. Regardless, having a property maintenance company on standby is best for a problem.

People working for a property maintenance company will constantly be on your properties and be on the lookout for issues. They will likely spot any problems or issues before they happen. 

2. Pest Control

In addition to broken appliances or cabinet doors, property maintenance services keep pests, such as rodents, bugs, and other 'critters,' out of living spaces. Pests such as these are health hazards and could cause problems with the board of health. 

Pests also cause tenant turnover and poor reviews for your rental business.

Every time someone leaves a property, it costs you money to look for a tenant. Marketing and cleaning the unit can get expensive. 

And if you have bugs or rodents, do you want people to voice their displeasure on social media or online reviews? A property maintenance company takes care of the problem quickly.

3. Property Upkeep

It is much easier to keep up with a property before something breaks rather than after something needs attention. 

For example, it's best to paint things around your property on a schedule. You'll avoid chipping and cracking of paint. An Atlanta property maintenance company will help your property look fresh and new. 

Moreover, upkeep means cutting the grass. Paying attention to the landscape is also essential. You can also look after cracked sidewalks, broken playground equipment, or a smooth parking lot.

Property maintenance personnel can also fix and repair fences, winterize pools, and power wash the property. Making the property look presentable is best for social media practices and makes a good impression on future tenants. 

Three Essentials of Property Maintenance

Three essentials of property maintenance are handyman services, pest control, and property upkeep. Hiring a professional company in Atlanta, GA, to keep tabs on these things around your rental properties will keep your rentals in the best condition. You'll also command top dollar!

Contact us today and let us help you get started with property maintenance for your investment. Why wait? We can show its affordability and why it's essential for your business plan. 

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