3 Real Estate Asset Management Tips for Atlanta Property Managers

3 Real Estate Asset Management Tips for Atlanta Property Managers

With more than 300,000 real estate asset management personnel in the United States, there's always room for the latest tips and advice to make Atlanta property management more effortless. Learning the best real estate management skills saves you time and keeps your clients happy. 

Several tips you should know as a real estate asset manager include screening tenants, using real estate management software, and conducting maintenance. Mastering these simple skills will keep you on top of your game!

Learn more about real estate asset management in just three steps.

1. Screening Tenants 

Learning and knowing how to screen tenants for your Atlanta real estate and Georgia real estate properties is key to a successful management strategy. Great tenants mean fewer problems with on-time rental payments and less damage.

During the screening process, examining references as a real estate asset manager is essential. Check payment histories and run a credit score.

Managing Georgia real estate also means knowing the housing discrimination laws and rules. You want to avoid any legal trouble with a potential tenant. You should have eviction skills, should that happen.

2. Using Software

Plenty of real estate asset management software packages are on the market to make life easier. 

This type of software in the Atlanta real estate market puts all your properties in one place. It manages your real estate asset budget and payments and keeps track of capital projects. 

A software system for Atlanta property management can also help lead generation for new tenants (or properties). You can also standardize paperwork. The software keeps contacts and account numbers in one place.  

Some software for real estate in Georgia allows you to interact with clients and to take requests for electrical or plumbing problems. 

3. Conducting Maintainance

Be sure to maintain the real estate asset properties you manage regularly. Painting doors, cleaning out dryer vents, and ensuring windows are sealed are all ways to keep your real estate properties. An ill-maintained property could be a hazard. 

Real estate asset management must have an available list of contractors, electricians, and plumbers when something breaks. You want to avoid keeping your tenants waiting when the power goes out, or there's a broken water heater at your real estate in Georgia. 

Failing to maintain your real estate asset properly could lead to bad online reviews. Many people search online reviews when choosing a place to live. In real estate asset management, you want to minimize any negative comments about a property. 

Three Real Estate Asset Management Tips

There are three real estate asset management tips to learn when overseeing properties in Atlanta, Georgia. You should know about screening tenants and using software. It's also essential to perform regular property maintenance. 

Are you ready to take the next step in property management? Contact us today and let us help you! We can help you follow this advice to keep good relationships with investors and tenants. 


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