Atlanta Rental Property Inspections: How To Be Prepared

Atlanta Rental Property Inspections: How To Be Prepared

There are over 20 million rental properties in the US, and in areas such as Atlanta, over a third of households are renters. Managing an Atlanta rental property can bring many benefits, but only if you have the right tenants. So, how can you protect your property and keep it in the best condition? 

One way to keep an eye on your property is with property inspections. The landlord or a property manager does rental property inspections to check the property's condition. Usually, a property inspection is done at specific points of the rental cycle; however, the landlord can determine when to assess the property and notify the tenants.

Read on if you are preparing to inspect one of your Atlanta rental properties. Here are three ways you can prepare for the property inspection. 

1. Give Written Notice

If you are inspecting your Atlanta rental properties when tenants are living in the homes, you should provide written notice. It will help maintain good relations between you and the tenants, plus you will not have to worry about taking multiple trips until your tenants are at home. Be clear about what you are inspecting for so they have time to think about any issues in the house and resolve anything they have yet to address. 

2. Check the Rental Property Agreement

Before inspecting your Atlanta rental property, it can be helpful to check the rental agreement. What are the lease conditions? What items did you agree to monitor?  

You want to go into the rental property with a clear plan of what you are looking for. Required maintenance items may include checking for leaks, testing HVAC units, and noticing the paint condition. Note any unreported maintenance and take immediate action to resolve any maintenance issues. 

3. Deal With Issues the Right Way

The rental property inspection is the perfect opportunity to check for lease violations such as pets, smoking, or extra adults living at the property. However, you want to deal with violations, damage, and other issues correctly.

Before the inspection, take some time to get into a calm headspace to be responsive and not reactive. If you do notice damage or violations, document them.

Do not let your emotions take over, as you want to be able to deal with the violations successfully. This may include giving written notice to tenants or a warning. Also, provide the tenant with an opportunity to discuss any issues they are concerned about, which helps maintain relations and improve tenant retention.

The Best Way to Do Property Inspections

Managing Atlanta rental properties offer many benefits but can take up a lot of your time. Rental property inspections can quickly become stressful, especially if you do not have the time or experience to address issues efficiently.

One of the best ways to manage property inspections is with assistance. Consider hiring property management services to oversee your Atlanta property and manage tasks such as property inspections. Here at Homeriver Group Atlanta, we have the experience and resources to ensure a successful property inspection the first time.

Contact us today to learn how we can help with your Atlanta rental properties. 



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