What is the Importance of Effective Real Estate Asset Management?

What is the Importance of Effective Real Estate Asset Management?

Atlanta's metro expects to have almost 3 million new residents by 2040. In addition, more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot and Coca-Cola are in Atlanta. So the potential for steady rental income is in your grasp.  

But managing real estate assets, like chasing down non-paying tenants, doesn't have to become a headache. Your time and real estate asset's bottom line is our concern. 

Forget the daily grind of managing real estate assets because Home River Group is here for you. So, take the first step in improving your ROI by reading this real estate asset management guide. Handling your Atlanta rental income property's finances is only the tip of the iceberg of our management services. 

If you're new to real estate asset management, reading this guide is essential to a successful asset portfolio. Our only care is to keep your real estate assets up to code and the rental income flowing.   

What Is Real Estate Asset Management? 

Our real estate managers tackle the daily tasks of managing real estate assets. From routine paperwork to paying property tax, our property managers ensure a maximum ROI. As an Atlanta real estate investor, here's what you can expect from our services. 

Expert Tenant Screening 

The medium Atlanta rental price is $2,250. So finding the right tenants for your rental estate asset is our forte. Our real estate managers have local connections to attract compatible tenants and avoid high vacancy rates. 

You can rely on our tenant screening to help weed out problematic tenants. We also handle rental applications on your behalf and property marketing. 

Timely Rent Collection 

We know your time is precious. And you shouldn't have to chase down your tenants for rent. The hallmark of your real estate asset management is timely rent collection

We have almost 25,000 different retail locations for your tenants to pay rent. They can also pay via check. 

Is it time to come up with a new tenant rental agreement? Please don't give it another thought. Our real estate managers handle lease renewals on your behalf. 

The Eviction Process

Sometimes managing real estate assets isn't pleasant. So, unfortunately, an eviction is necessary. Home River Group assists you in evicting non-paying tenants from your real estate assets.  

Again, we pride ourselves on selecting paying tenants for your real estate asset. If there are eviction court costs, it doesn't come from your cash flow. Home River covers the eviction court costs. 

Maintaining Your Real Estate Asset 

Just like your car needs a tuneup, the same goes for your real estate assets. Home River Group handles property maintenance, from broken sewer lines to simple repairs. 

We have connections with local contractors that ensure your real estate asset stays in prime rental condition. Our real estate managers are available to you and your tenants for repairs. 

More on Real Estate Asset Management 

My friends, the search for Atlanta real estate managers ends and begins with Home River Group. We have over 12,000 rental estate assets under expert management. 

Our unrivaled real estate asset management in the Atlanta metro can help you sell your home. We also help prospective real estate investors find suitable agents.

Are you a tenant looking to rent? We have a helpful tenant resource section that includes an online application. 

Contact us today for a free consultation. And yes, we provide free rental analysis for your real estate assets. 

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