What to Know About Section 8 Housing Laws in Georgia

What to Know About Section 8 Housing Laws in Georgia

As a landlord in Atlanta, Georgia, you have to fully understand section 8 housing laws. If you don't, you could end up in a lot of legal trouble.

It's important to know what your duties are and those of your tenants. You will also need to know what course of action to take when one side doesn't uphold its obligations.

Continue reading to learn about section 8 and how it affects you.

Section 8 Housing Laws

This law is also referred to as the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV). It started in 1974. It consists of a coalition between tenants, property owners, and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

The program's goal is to assist low-income families in finding decent housing. People who qualify for this assistance will have part of their rent covered for them.

The owner or landlord will receive the full rent payment. A part of the payment will be from the family and the rest will come from the government. The amount of subsidy the family receives is based on their income.

Four Objectives

When it was created, HCV had four core objectives.

  • Give decent housing to struggling families while keeping rent affordable
  • Increase freedom to choose housing
  • Provide minority families with an opportunity to integrate
  • Give landlords an incentive to provide housing to low-income families

It's debatable whether the program reached those goals. Successful or not, it's the motivation behind the Georgia program.

Landlord Obligations

As someone in the property management business, you have certain obligations.

You will have to screen families and decide if they will make good tenants. Rent collection enforcement is mandatory in accordance with the lease.

In addition to section 8 requirements, you have your other obligations to uphold. Property management requirements such as maintenance, are always part of your duty.

Government and Tenant Responsibilities

HCV requires all three parties to uphold their part of the agreement. After tenant placement, the government and tenant have certain responsibilities.

The housing authority reserves the right to cease leasing only service of tenants. They will do this in scenarios where they don't meet the necessary requirements or violate some of the program's terms.

Any tenant who wishes to apply for section 8 assistance has to meet a few requirements. Their median income is less than half of what others in the area make. They must also be a U.S. citizen or eligible for immigration.

Stay Informed on Georgia Landlord Regulations

The best way for you to make a profit as a landlord is to have a firm understanding of regulations. The better you understand the system, the better landlord you'll be.

Section 8 housing laws are nothing new, but they are somewhat complicated. Your best course of action is to stay as up-to-date as possible. This includes going out of your way to learn more about Georgia regulations.

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